Thursday, September 24, 2009

Regata Storica through the lens of Nereo Zane - 2

Nereo took a number of photos of the parade portion of Regata Storica, and while it all might seem like a jumble of different types of boats, there are a few recognizable shapes.
Today's group of photos follows a "gondola theme".

The parade part of Venice's historic regata recreates a procession from five centuries ago.

The hull designs have changed a bit, of course, but they do a good job dressing up the boats (and people) according to the time period theme.

Some of the gondolas dressed up for the procession are actually racing gondolas.
The small vent along the bottom of the hull just aft of the popier reveals the boat's true identity.
The white gondola in the background also has a vent in the same place.

Why does a gondola da regata have such a vent at her stern? To release the air that builds up in the stern cavity, of course.
Think about it, the back third of the boat can be compared to a big hood-scoop, like you'd see on a race car.
I don't know how much of an advantage that vent affords the rowers, and whether it's more of a practical or psychological benefit.

These two gondolas have been draped in cloth, and to the untrained eye, they do look pretty faithful to the historic period.

Notice the standard racing-fleet colors?

I'm not sure I want to show my daughters this next one.
They will most certainly want me to add a pink gondola to my fleet.

For more information on racing gondolas, and Regata Storica, go to my post from June 14th of 2008 titled "The Red Racing Gondola".

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