Thursday, December 4, 2008

NYC Photos - Day 2

Yes folks, it's come to that point.
The point where I'm shamelessly posting my family vacation photos on my blog.
Sad, pathetic, and yet fun for me...and at least one or two of you I hope.
I realize that not all of you would like to see my random shots of New York City on the Gondola Blog.
But then you always have the option to skip this post and simply read the other one I just put up.
It's up to you.
For those of you who read this post, I hope you enjoy the photos.
It's clear that I've become a caricature:
My kids call me "that embarrasing dad with a camera".
Ah, but I'll get them one day by showing their vacation pictures to the nice young men they will invariably one day bring home.
But I digress.
We began our day today by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.
I know there's a saying out there about how you're not a real "so and so" until you've walked a cross the Brooklyn Bridge. Whatever that "so and so" is, I hope it's good because I became one this morning.
Later on in the day, my daughters ice skated at Rockefeller Center and I watched, took pictures, and generally just enjoyed the day.
Enjoy the photos my friends.
Entering the pedestrian section of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan side.

My two daughters dressed for the cold and insisted I take pictures.
Mhmm, you KNOW I'll find a use for this photo one day.

In my humble opinion, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most photogenic bridges in the world.

St. Patrick's Cathedral is reflected in skyscraper glass.

The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

Atlas poses in bronze beneath a Rockefeller tower.


DG Beat said...

Is the gondola in Central Park out or is it too cold?

Gondola Greg said...

Hi John!
Yes, the gondola is out of the water for the season.
I spoke with the manager at the Boathouse Restaurant and arranged to visit him in the next few days.
If I can snap a few shots, you KNOW I'll post 'em up.