Friday, December 19, 2008

"Finish the Sentence" Follow-Up

Big thanks to those of you who responded with your answers.
As expected, they were funny, thought provoking, and on-target.
Now here are some I've heard or come up with over the years.

"Tip money is..."

1. Beer money.

2. A window into the soul of the tipper.

3. An economic thermometer.

4. The only reason I keep coming back.

5. How I can tell if they like my singing.

6. Date money.

7. Sometimes the only thing standing between me and bankruptcy.

8. Often spent foolishly.

9. Better than going to a Redi-Teller.

10. How you can tell the generous clients from the tight-wads.

11. Pays for my parking tickets.

12. Kept in a drawer until I really need it.

13. Buying a round of drinks tonight.

14. To a gondolier, what applause is to an actor.

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