Monday, December 8, 2008

NYC Photos - Day 6 - Visiting the Gondola

Let me just begin this post by saying:
Central Park is one of the greatest places to get lost in.
I must say, that of all the places I've gotten lost, it's the best.
Of course that opinion would be different if it had been at night, but this morning in December, when it was too cold to get mugged and there were a lot of people out for a walk, jog, or bike ride - it was perfect.
It was also 19 degrees and windy, so I was glad to have my Alaska parka, but the sun was shining and a menagerie of squirrels, pigeons, and sparrows were on hand in large numbers - all seeming to be there for the sole purpose of mocking me in their own chirpy languages.
I set out this morning to visit the gondola in Central Park.
I had called ahead a week ago, spoke with the manager of the facility and got the ok to come by.
After getting lost for a while, I came upon The Boathouse restaurant (where the gondola operates out of) and found that all the rental boats were out of the water, along with the gondola, and the lake was beginning to freeze, starting at the shore and working it's way towards the center.
Most folks wouldn't have recognized the gondola as she was wrapped tight in tarps, plastic wrap and tape, but being a seasoned gondola fanatic (that really means pathetic gondola fanatic), I recognized that 36 foot long banana up against a fence and immediately grabbed my camera.
Here are a few shots I took from both sides of the fence:

The gondola with The Boathouse in the background.

A fairly well-wrapped ferro.

A lama with the winter sun shining through plastic wrap.

Full shot from behind the fence.

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