Friday, December 5, 2008

NYC Photos - Day 3

We took the Liberty and Ellis Island tour today.
It was amazing!

Here are some highlights:

- Got up painfully early,

- argued with taxi drivers because there were six of us and we wanted to all ride together,

- knew someone at the ferry terminal so we skipped an hour-long line,

- chased a pigeon around the interior of the ferry,

- enjoyed winds and teperatures reminiscent of Greenland,

- took a few lucky photos among all the other junk,

- learned about immigration,

- discovered that none of us had relatives who actually went through Ellis Island (Geez, talk about not feeling like you're in the club),

- got off the boat and argued with a few more cab drivers,

- arrived at the skating rink just as the free-skate period was over,

- took a short nap,

- got pizza and rude treatment from a waiter who acted like he was from the Soviet bloc (and probably was).

Here are a few shots from the adventure:

I snuck out onto an abandoned pier with my daughter and took a standard shot of the Lady in the Harbor.

Climbed up the 145 steps to the observation deck and caught a stray jet while zooming in on Lady Liberty's arm and torch.

Two of the four cupolas of the main building on Ellis Island, shot as the ferry departed.

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