Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shots from the Night - Boat Parade

Well, this week we are celebrating 100 years of the Parade of Lights.
It's a huge affair, and while I've admittedly become jaded over the years by the spectacle, I must admit that this year's boat parade in Newport is exceptional. Truly fulfills it's potential.
If you live in the area and have the means to get down here, do it for the last night of the Parade of lights, which is Sunday the 21st.

I threw my family on a gondola tonight and we set out to see things from the very best perspective - a comfortable gondola, right along the shore.

With hot mugs of cocoa and warm winter clothes, we enjoyed front-row seats to one of Newport's biggest annual events.

Over the years I've tried to take decent photos of the lighted boats - only to end up greatly disappointed. I tried a new setting on the camera tonight and have posted three of the best examples.
Remember, I was shooting moving boats in the dark...from a moving boat in the dark.
Thankfully, Olympus puts an image stabilizer in their E-510 (shameless plug) which is the model I have.

OK, that one's not as good as the first one, but check out this one:
The way each light seems to show up like a tiny brush-stroke, almost gives an impressionist feeling. Don't let me take too much credit, I really think it was dumb luck on my part.

The family and I had a wonderful time, the experience really was fantastic. It renewed my appreciation for the Parade of Lights.

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