Tuesday, December 2, 2008

OC to NYC in a Day

Gondola Greg an his crazy family are in New York City.

After three hours of "quality sleep", we arose at the cruel hour of 5am and made our way to John Wayne Airport in Orange County.

The flight wasn't all bad, and I couldn't help but smile as my daughter Cassandra pointed out the Hudson River as we approached our destination. During the week-long expedition on October of last year, we all gained an affinity for the Hudson.

As usual, Manhattan was jammed with people, even more than usual because tonight was the night of the famous tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center.

As our shuttle inched it's way up 42nd Street, an ambulance ripped past us, in the lane that had been ours a few seconds earlier, right around 5th Avenue.

Several times we had the opportunity to see first-hand - the New York approach to crossing the street. It's similar to the way drivers behave in Naples, Italy. No rules - just help yourself.

After checking in to the hotel, we spent a few hours walking around, trying to get in to see the tree lighting, but it was not meant to be.

So we found a nice restaurant, ate some of NewYork's famously delicious food, and watched the tree lighting on their big flat-screen TV.

I realize that none of this has anything to do with gondolas, but I also realize that some of you might check in here, see nothing new, and curse me. This way you can curse me for bad writing if you like, but at least I gave you something.

And now for a couple of photos:

Shortly after takeoff in California, I caught the shadow of our 737 on the clouds below.

An unusual lamp is framed by downtown buildings of various styles.

Ciao my friends. Thanks for reading, and if it makes you feel better, chuck your best insult at me in the comment box. I can take it!


Anonymous said...

Yo! Greg!
(NYC talk for "hello there.")

Do you remember where you saw that Art Deco lamp? I'm guessing not.

I live only 35 miles form NYC, visit occasionally, and rarely remember where seeing things such as that lamp.

Interesting, nonetheless. Good to see you had a fine time there.

Gondola Greg said...

Yo Bob.
What are you lookin' at?!
(NYC talk for "I'm fine, thanks")
Nice to hear from you.
I took that lamp shot within two blocks of Rockefeller Center.
I know because we were trying to get in to see the tree lighiting.
Fat chance!
We might have gotten in if we'd arrived five hours earlier.
Walked the Brooklyn Bridge today - what a great experience.

Gondola Greg said...

I was out again today and saw them at 47th and 5th Avenue.
I'm not 100% sure they were same lamps as in the photo, as I'm sure there are others, but I think that was the corner the photo was taken at.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Greg. I thought those lamps might be near Rockefeller Center. There's a good bit of Art Deco there. I'll pay closer attention next time.

Really fun walking the Brroklyn Bridge wasn't it. You now belong!