Friday, December 5, 2008

Top Ten - Hole in the Boat

In the spirit of last week's post, here are my top ten things to say when there's a hole in your gondola and someone annoyingly wants to know why:

1. I THOUGHT that plank was loose.

2. Man! I hate termites!

3. I said “no firearms”, but NOOO, that guy didn’t listen!

4. Well, I guess that spot of dry-rot isn’t so dry anymore.

5. Wanna see the hole? Wanna see it? Here, step right up to the edge. Now look deep into that water-filled boat wait (BOOT!), there you go. You got a fish-eye view!

6. This way we can see the bottom.

7. It needed a drain hole anyway.

8. NEVER allow clog dancers on your boat.

9. What hole? I don't see any hole, what with all the water in the way. You're crazy!

10. Trust me – never piss off a Narwhal!

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