Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Venice

photo by Nereo ZaneOnce again, Nereo sends us a great image from the world of voga-alla-Veneta.

Here's a photo of a procession carried out by the GSVVM in Mestre.

The boat in the front carries the baby Jesus on the bow, and the one at the back is rowed by a bunch of Santas.
Oh, but they don't call him Santa in Italy - it's "Babbo Natale".

Check out Nereo's blog:
There are more great photos there.

While you're on Nereo's blog, check out his post on the Regata di S. Barbara - it ought to be titled "Caorlinas in the Mist". It makes me wish I'd been there.

Buon Natale Nereo!

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