Saturday, January 15, 2011


photo by Tamás Fehér

There are so many things to point out in the picture.
A water taxi squeezes between a garbage boat in the process of loading,
and a gondola preparing to board passengers. 
The ganzer holds the front end in with his hooked pole,
while the gondolier steps towards the back. 
Behind passengers waiting to board the gondola, a conversation takes place between workmen (I believe they're sanitation workers). 
Under the roof, gondoliers at the servizio appear to have their hands full with a large tour group, or maybe those folks are waiting (or looking) for the vaporetto.

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Tamás said...

Even though I made this picture, I haven't realized the presence of a ganzer, until Greg pointed him out in this post.

The people in the background are definitely looking for the vaporetto, but in vain. This was Vogalonga morning in 2009, with most of the nautical traffic stopped for the rowers' sake.