Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pupparin Construction at the GSVVM - Progress Continues

photos by Nereo Zane Maestro Luigino Marcuzzi's progress on the pupparin continues. These photos were shot over the weekend.

Many of the latest developments are small or subtle.

One noticeable change is the addition of a light blue paint in the places that will become dark under-deck areas.

This paint scheme lightens those spaces and gives them better visibility.

Most gondolas have white paint under the bow and behind the fodre boards. Sr. Marcuzzi appears to have chosen light blue for this boat.
Thin strips of hardwood - which will eventually become the edge known as the "chine" - have been installed.

The lumber that will be used to plank the hull sits
next to the boat, ready to become part of this magnificent puzzle.
I noticed one other detail in Nereo's photos:
The shop floor has a lot more saw-dust and wood shavings than it did when we first started observing the project.

I can't wait to see the planking process.

I should also mention that Nereo Zane hosts his own blog with text in Italian. Some posts include the same images, while others are different.
It's definitely worth a visit.

Thanks for keeping us up to date, Nereo.


Bob Easton said...

Thanks once again to Nereo for the photos, to Maestro Marcuzzi for the building work, and to you for bringing them to us.

One of the subtle changes since the last photos is hard to see, but I think is responsible for much of the shavings and dust on the shop floor.

The edges of the frames have been faired to the curvature of the hull. When originally cut, the edges are perpendicular to the face of each frame because that's what saws do. At some point the edges need to be planed, or machined, or sanded, to follow the curves of the hull and allow the planks to fit smoothly. It's finicky work.

Nereo said...

Hi all, I'm glad to see that so many blog readers love my photos