Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gondola Bumper Stickers

I shot this a few years ago while walking in Venice somewhere between the Piazza and Campo Santo Stefano.
Among the many areas of a gondola that fascinate me, my eyes are always drawn to the spot just aft of the seat. It can often say a lot about the gondolier.
This gondolier seems to have found the perfect place for his bumper stickers.


Anonymous said...

Some people have "Jesus" fish car sticker to show they are religious, usually of the fundamentalist kind. Other people have a "Darwin fish" bumper sticker to show they are anti-creationists.

What about a "gondola fish" car sticker to show that one is romantic?

Anonymous said...

Thta's the sticker of a group of gondoliers rowing for charity, more or less like Vittorio Orio does.