Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pupparin Construction at the GSVVM - The Boat, she is flipped!

photos by Nereo Zane

This past Sunday, Nereo stopped by the workshop at the Gruppo Sportivo Voga Veneta in Mestre, and noticed that something was different - the pupparin Maestro Marcuzzi has been working on has reached the stage where she's ready to be rolled over.
Looking at the prua, we see that the foredeck is in place, and Sr. Marcuzzi has added a "skidplate" of sorts to the leading portion of the bottom.

An interesting collection of wood pieces sits in a cradle against one wall.
Some parts will soon become part of the boat, while others may have served as temporary ribs or stabilizing arms for the first part of the construction process.

Looking at the stern section, you have to wonder how much work went into sculpting the characteristic transom-piece.

Big thanks to Nereo for continually feeding the fires of curiosity in all of us.
Bravo Luigino Marcuzzi - we are all living vicariously through you.


Anonymous said...

Once again: Grazie ai Signori Zane e Marcuzzi!

I really enjoy seeing the progress through pictures. It will be a boat soon.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Bob. I hope to meet you one day or the other.