Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forum - What's in YOUR garage?

A gondolier's garage can be organized or messy, a gem or a junk-heap.
Either way, there are usually some interesting things to be found, that is if you dare to dig through it.

Some gondoliers keep their "stuff" in a basement or storage unit, but there are some items that seem standard, while there are others that only the most dedicated or weird gondoliers have in their pile.

Tools, maintenance supplies, and removable parecio usually make the list.
Old champagne buckets that you'll get around to polishing some day. Heck, I think I've got a few parts from boats I don't even own anymore in my garage.

What's in yours?


Sean Jamieson said...

Everything you could imagine and more. What a clusterf*@#! How about this game? Try and name something I don't have.

Anonymous said...

The ability to throw something away? You'll need it someday, right?

Gondola Greg said...

Sean, I don't know what that "something you don't have" is, but according to Murphy's Law, it'll be the one thing you need in a hurry.

And Bepi, I DO have the ability to throw things's just that I always end up throwing things out that I need!

Someone needs to find that Murphy guy and SMACK him.

Unknown said...

I know what's in YOUR garage... I know perfectly well, my friend! ;)