Monday, March 23, 2009

Windy at "Sunset"

It was a windy day at Sunset Gondola yesterday. The kind of wind that takes the sand from the beach, blows it over buildings, across the highway, through the parking lot...and into your sandwich.
I know this for a fact,
and I'm not sure why I decided to eat my sandwich in the wind.

We had a great meeting at Sunset Gondola, to plan our trip to the Vogalonga, many questions were answered, and a few new ones raised as well.

I enjoyed meeting with the team members, and look forward to the adventure.

Of course a visit to Sunset is an opportunity to take a few photos.
Here are some of the more decent ones I took.

Three boats in the Sunset collection.

Gondola with hanging lantern.

Old fashioned "running lights".

The wind in the "six fingers".

An angel flies low over the bow with windswept clouds in the distance.


Anonymous said...

Hi, the photo of the angel is amazing! congrats

Anonymous said...

Cliff Claven here, I believe it is Victory delivering a laurel wreath.

grigory-never-get-there said...

buona fortuna with the vogalonga. love it!