Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Welcome to spring, my friends.

If you operate gondolas in a place like California, Nevada, Texas or Florida, then you're spoiled like me, and only need to think about dressing for warmer weather in the coming months.

If you're in a city further north, however, then you've been busy.

I've spoken with several friends in what I call "northern ports", who have been plowing through their launch-lists and gearing up for what will hopefully be a good season.

Gondolas in Minnesota, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts are being readied for launch (some may have kissed the water by the time you read this.
Across the ocean in England, Holland, and several cities in Germany, gondola owners are also making preparations for the approaching season.

Ina Mierig's gondola on-trailer at a rest-stop near Hamburg, Germany.

If you're busy prepping for a spring launch, then this post is dedicated to you - the "northern port" gondola owners and gondoliers.
I wish you good painting weather,
hope your hulls don't leak too much,
and pray that your calendar will be chock-full of premium bookings - enough to help you get through the next winter.
Have a great launch...and send me photos to post here!

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