Sunday, July 5, 2015

US Gondola Nationals 2015 - The Announcement!

photo by John Kerschbaum

I am honored and excited to announce that the US Gondola Nationals will be held this year in Newport Beach, California

The dates: November 14th and 15th (that's a Saturday and a Sunday),
with some possible exhibition events taking place on Friday for those who can attend.

The standard sprint and distance races will be held, in both solo and tandem configurations.  In addition, you can expect to see at least one event involving a four-oar configuration, and one or more events on Venetian boats other than gondolas.

Each installment of this event has been a great achievement on the part of the hosts, and an incredible experience for all who participated. 
I am honored to be this year's host, and will be relying heavily on my staff, and many friends in the gondola business to make this edition of the event the best it can be.

Exact details of race locations and scheduling of events is still to come,
but for now, I am throwing out a friendly challenge to all those American gondoliers, to come out to Newport this November.
Meet, sing, and race with us!

An official facebook page is up - just search:
US Gondola Nationals - 4th Annual.

I look forward to seeing you all then!

The above photo is one of many featured in the post
"Tandem Distance - the Brothers Haynes"
from the competition last year in Providence, Rhode Island.

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