Friday, July 17, 2015

гондола Царском селе

photo by Andrey Krasov

Here's a nice shot of the gondola in Tsarskoye Selo - a place so named because it was the "Tsar's Village". 
The waterway is on the grounds of Catherine's Palace,
24 kilometers south of downtown St. Petersburg in Russia.

We've seen this boat before in previous posts.
(see below for a list of posts)

This shot was taken on June 21st of this year, by Andrey Krasov,
and it's one of my favorites so far. 

The building in the background is a Turkish bath - Emperor Nicholas I ordered it's construction in 1850.  It was the last structure built on the park grounds, as a symbol of one of the Russian victories over the Turks in 1829. 

Many thanks to Andrey for this nice snapshot of life in Tsarskoye Selo in the summertime.

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