Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Big One-Eight

Eighteen years ago today my life changed forever,
as Elisa and I welcomed our first daughter, Cassandra into the world.
I learned a whole new dimension and depth of love.
We have been blessed with a multitude of great memories and experiences with her and her sister.
I don't typically post birthday messages here on the Gondola Blog
because as much as I love all my friends, there are just too many birthdays
and milestones to post about,
but I decided to make an exception today as Cassandra turns 18.
Cassandra has grown up on and around boats. 
As soon as I could, I got her on a gondola.

In Venice, her fanatical father dragged her out onto the lagoon for a row.
Of course when you have parents who met at a rock n' roll/heavy metal church, and your dad is a singing gondolier, you tend to lean towards music.
Cassandra has her own band, and while I may be a little bit biased,
They are truly awesome, and her singing is incredible.
Check them out at:

Happy birthday Cassandra.
I'm proud of you.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cassandra. I remember you around the age of the middle picture. You have grown into a beautiful young lady!