Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Gondolas in the Wall Street Journal

A while back, a writer for the Wall Street Journal came upon
a gondola operation in Omaha, Nebraska. 
He had a few conversations, and realizing that there was more to it
than just a guy and his boat, the writer set out to discover more.

He found the Gondola Blog, and I pointed out all the great
gondola operations in this country.
He interviewed several of them, and a few made the editorial cut.
When he asked me who to talk to in Venice,
it was an easy question to answer: Gilberto Penzo.

The end result is online now:
"If You Fancy a Romantic Ride on a Gondola,
You Can Have It... in Omaha"

And it's on the front page of the Wall Street Journal today (July 2nd, 2015).
It was a real thrill two years ago to see the results
of a gondola race in the US, published in an American newspaper.
I'm feeling some of that same thrill seeing us on a paper
of such stature as the Wall Street Journal, and the front page, to boot.

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