Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Turkish Gondolas

photo courtesy Kapadokya Jet Boat & Gondola

While everyone seems to be focusing their attention on what's going on in Greece, there's this other country, just across the water called Turkey. 

It's a country that literally straddles the border between east and west,
between Europe and Asia.  When most people think of Turkey,
they picture Istanbul (the city that's actually on that east/west border),
but there's much more to the country.

A good example is a place called Kapadokya. 
Often referred to as "Cappadocia" in the English-speaking world,
this region has a rich history and many remarkable rock formations.

There are many tour operators in the area. Kapadokya Jetboat & Gondola
works to show their customers different perspectives of the Kapadokya region, offering spectacular views from both land and water.
They have a fleet of ten gondolas, three jetboats and twenty-six jeeps.

The gondolas were all built in Turkey.  They cruise on the Kızılırmak river, 
which moves at a speed of10 km/h.  Each boat has a small electric motor to make moving upriver possible, but they do have forcole and remi for proper rowing.

All gondoliers must learn and practice for one year and have lifeguard and first aid certificates before carrying passengers.

Gondolas in Turkey, who knew?

And just like that, I have a reason to go to Kapadokya.

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