Monday, July 13, 2015

The Gym

My "office" is great.
The view is amazing, and changes constantly.

It's naturally air-conditioned.
Oh, and there's gym!

Today I decided to do my morning workout on the pupparin.

I ran into Trent as he was heading out with some passengers
on a perfect day in Newport.

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Tamás said...

Hello and sorry to bring up off-topic!

I hope to arrive at Venezia on 18th July, but quite late, around 20:30. Is there a spot that has reasonable views of the Redentore fireworks even for late-comers? (I guess all of Piazetta di San Marco and the Schiavoni waterfront will be packed full of people by 18 hours..)

Maybe I should go to Giudecca, but don't know if the long pontoon bridge will still be open at that time? I heard the Marittima port offers a good vantage, but to see anything, one has to be on the top deck of a cruise ship to see anything. Others mentioned the Tre Archi bridge, but there only the top 1/3rd of the rockets will be visible, before they fall behind the rooftops.

Thank you in advance: Tamas Feher, Hungary.