Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Suit Up!

I had a wedding cruise today.
I rowed my couple to a small beach within the harbor,
Eased the bow of the gondola up onto the sand,
and then performed a ceremony standing there on the beach,
with about 35 or 40 guests gathered around us.

Rowing, and then performing a ceremony, you have to give
serious thought to your clothing.  Do you go with stripes (like a gondolier)
and perform the ceremony as a gondolier? 
or do you choose to row in a suit, sacrificing comfort and mobility to look good while doing the ceremony?

This evening I chose the suit.

With the weather as amazing as it was, the only thing I had to get used to
was having my collar buttoned up with a necktie.

My preference when rowing is still the standard stripes,
but it was fun rowing in my suit, and with a wedding on the agenda,
I definitely did not feel overdressed.

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