Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scenes in Venice - Topos Near Ferrovia

Walk out the door of Venice's Santa Lucia railroad station, go right up to the water's edge and look to your left, and this is roughly what you'll see.
Think of Venice and most people picture gondolas, but there are some other boats that are just as constant - like the topos in this photo.
Really, the city couldn't survive without her topos.
This photo was taken from a piece of ground that may receive more foot traffic than any other in the area.  Here's what it looks like at night:
"Vaporetto at Ferrovia"

That bridge in the shot is the Ponte Scalzi.
I posted some photos of a nice gondola there in "Red Seats under the Ponte Scazli"


Bob Easton said...
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Bob Easton said...

Topos, the box trucks of the veneto.

There are even some from UPS. They're painted brown, of course.