Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scenes in Venice - "Produce and Fistfights"

Yeah, I thought that title might get some attention.

Walk through Venice while checking your e-mail and you're likely to miss some amazing things.
There are so many beautiful views and cool details to be appreciated in La Serenissima.

Somewhere in Dorsoduro, between the well-known Campo Santa Margherita and the much smaller Campo San Barnaba, I snapped this photo.

The shoreline on the left is Fondamenta Gerardini - fairly busy at times, and as you can see, a great place to walk your dog and buy some fresh produce.

You might remember the boat with the sunshade from my post "The Produce Boat".
It was there, with folks ambling by, that I discovered a very interesting facial expression from the guy in the boat.

Beyond the boat is a bridge that has a story of it's own.
This bridge was the venue for many battles - both with fists and with weapons.
There were others like it, but the name of this bridge, along with the ancient footprints inset in the four corners of the top level, attest to it's history.
Read more about the "Bridge of Fists" in my post "Ponte dei Pugni".

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