Thursday, March 1, 2012

Caorlina Verde

photos by Chris Clarke
While on one of his adventures in the Veneto, Chris Clarke took these photos of some Canottieri Cannaregio club members preparing for a row on a green caorlina.
With St. Patrick's Day coming up, I thought the color was fitting.

In this case, the boat was greener than the growth on shore.

Such nice craftsmanship.

While some of the guys held the boat and prepared for the adventure...

Others climbed up on the roof of a building to see what was out there.
Maybe they were on storm-watch.

Thanks Chris.
I hope the row was great!


René Seindal (Venice Kayak) said...

It looks like the island Campalto first, but I don't know the other island, so it must be Carbonera or maybe Buel del Lovo, but that would be a good row.

staff said...

I agree, René: the first three were taken from Isola di Campalto, the fourth and fifth from Isola di Carbonera IMHO. I was on Buel del lovo a couple of times but I don't remember that building. Nereo