Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Girl Scout Day

photos by Cassandra Mohr

My company in Newport is mostly geared towards taking paying passenger cruises, but we do provide other services - like film shoots, consulting,
and school field-trips.
Today my staff and I hosted a group of Girl Scouts

I gave a short lesson on all things "Gondola", talked about Venezia, the art of Venetian rowing, and let each and every Girl Scout hold a forcola.

Then we took to the water.
Gondoliers took turns singing,
kids screamed and laughed when their boats rocked,
and adult leaders did their best to enjoy the time on the water.

We do this regularly.
it's always a fun departure from our main focus.
I outlined one approach in my post "December Homeschool Tour"

The Girl Scouts all walked away with a better idea of what Venice is like; they knew how to say Forcola, remo, Venezia, and of course, gondola.

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staff said...

many congrats to Cassandra for the great shots. The third one is excellent!! Nereo