Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shot from the Day - The Perfect Sunset Moment

For a long time I've held the opinion that we, as people, live for the "perfect moment".

These are the times we remember, cherish,
and look back to when things are tough.
They are the "best of times" referred to by folks who wax poetic.  Movies often end with perfect moments.

They are the things we picture at the end,
when our lives flash before our eyes.

There are 365 sunsets in Newport Beach,
and no two are exactly alike.
Tonight, as I rowed my passengers in blissful relaxation, I looked over my shoulder and noticed that the sun was getting to that near-perfect point.
With the various types of cloud cover we get along the coast, this doesn't always happen, but tonight it did.
Just as that bright orange ball was about to splash down on the horizon, I spun the Phoenix around so my couple could enjoy the spectacle.

It was a perfect moment.

It only lasted for about 90 seconds, but it was perfect, and I know they will never forget it.

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