Sunday, April 24, 2011

Out for an Easter Cruise

My aunt and uncle live on the water in Newport, and our gondolas pass by there during cruises.  This evening, while having Easter dinner there,
I snapped a few shots of Steve Elkins as he glided by on the elegant Cassandra Anne. 

The Cassandra has just been re-launched, having had her rails replaced.  While she was out of the water, Steve and I spent some time painting and varnishing her - so it was gratifying to see her out, doing what she does best.  I'm sure it was even more enjoyable for Steve to take passengers on a boat he'd done so much work on.

The funny looks are probably because I climbed up on top of a big concrete post to get the "dramatic down-shot". 

Many thanks to Steve for taking time away on a holiday to make things perfect for those lucky passengers.

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