Saturday, April 23, 2011

Two Blog Posts Worth a Read

These days we all seem to have a list of blogs we regularly read.
If I'm on your list, then I'm honored, and I thank you for spending some of your valuable time reading my musings.

As you might imagine, I also have a list of places I regularly check in on.
Two of the blogs I follow just published posts worth reading.

Erla Zwingle's well-named "I Am Not Making This Up" blog has a new post about how Easter is "Breathing Down Our Necks".

And Marie Ohanesian Nardine has a new post on her "Italy to Los Angeles and Back" blog about "Liberation, a Lion, a Saint, Ham-hocks and a Rosebud...".

Read them both, leave good comments, and enjoy the shared information - it's great stuff.

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