Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunset Get-Together in April - Invisibility

Say what you want, but I believe there there are some among us who have "special powers".  There's a reason why so many movies and TV shows portray characters with "superpowers" of different types - because they exist.
Why do I believe it?
Because I've seen it first-hand.

The other night at Sunset Gondola, I witnessed two gondoliers exhibiting varying levels of invisibility.
Both Tim Reinard and Andrew McHardy seemed to fade in and out of view.
It was like I could see right through them!
At the time I figured it was my grappa consumption,
but a few days later I saw this photo:

There it is, plain as day.
You can see right through Tim - Sean is behind him, and Mike's red jacket shows through Andrew.
Tim and Andrew have superpowers!
Next time I'm there, I'm gonna ask them how they do it.
How handy that must be.
It sure makes a heck of a great party trick.

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