Saturday, April 2, 2011

Waiting for the Racers

photo by Tamás Fehér
Tamás was in Venice on March 27th and 28th to watch a regata.
He arrived at the western end of the Giudecca,
and while waiting for things to ramp up, he took this photo.

It makes me think so many things:
- Who's the old man waiting for the races?
- I would some day like to BE the old man waiting there, to watch the boats go by (that is, of course, AFTER I'm too old to row).
- Which race comes first?
- Has Tamás ever been to San Francisco? Because when he sent me this photo, it came with the title "Alcatraz". Sure looks a bit like "The Rock".

In the future I'll post some of the images from the regata and other things "picture-worthy" in the Veneto. 
In the mean time, like the old man in the photo, we wait.

1 comment:

joe gibbons said...

Could this be the ghost of Nedis Tramontine waiting and watching to see his lifes work pass by.

Sorry for the spelling if it si incorrect!