Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter's Back!

Welcome to the first day of winter, my friends.
Some of you out there may be enjoying snow, but here in Southern California, we're experiencing quite a lot of rain. 
I just spent the first half of my day dealing with water in my gondolas. 
Many of them have automatic bilge pumps, but you've still got to check them. Murphy and his law are always watching me.

California has been in an officially declared drought for a very long time. 
I'm hoping these rains will do something to solve that problem. 

At the top of the Gondola Blog as I write this, we've got a great photo of snow on gondolas which was sent in February of '08 by Ingo Stahl of Wörthsee in Bavaria.
I'd like to post some more good "snow on gondolas" photos this winter, so feel free to send them in to greg@gondola.com - be sure to include who took the photo and any details I should include.

Now I think I'll step into my warm, dry garage and brush some fresh varnish on some oars which won't be needed for a few days.

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staff said...

Hi all,a new post is up on www.gondolasolidale.wordpress.com with some shots taken last Sunday during a the traditional Santas Parade in Venice. Enjoy, Nereo