Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas party at Sunset Gondola - Group Shot #1

This post really ought to be a "just the photo" post.
I spent my whole day with the family at Disneyland,  drove home,
threw on my striped shirt, and rocketed down to Sunset Gondola to spend time with some of the only people who truly understand that "gondola fanatic" side of me. 
We took a series of group photos, and this is the one I thought would best represent the evening...I'm posting it before I stumble off to bed. 

Tonight was one of my favorite get-togethers at Sunset.
it wasn't the most crowded, but the conversations I had
were of the type I could only wish for.

Good night my friends. 
May you all dream of rowing traghetto in Venezia,
taking the gondolier test (if only for an "honorary degree"),
playing disc golf with Italians,
and developing the right kind of callouses on your thumbs
as you row the Grand Canal.


DG Beat said...

Good night, Greg.

Gondola Greg said...

Thanks buddy, we had some great conversations tonight.
Buono notte!