Sunday, December 26, 2010

An Enviable Finish

photos by Tamás Fehér

On a recent visit to Venezia, Tamás noticed this water taxi while walking along the fondamenta near the train station.  I'm guessing she's a brand new creation, but could be a recent restoration.  Whatever the case, the guy in charge of the boat has a clear understanding of just how nice that finish is.

Notice how this guy buffs out the finish without placing his shoes on the deck.

He works his way back, polishing the places he's been.

And with a final rub, he gets that last spot of mirror-quality finished wood...

...and he's ready for business.

I love my gondolas, but I must admit it:
I've got some boat-envy here.


Bob Easton said...

I'm with you Greg. The gondolas are the best, but this particular taxi always catches my eye when we're in Venice.

It is often where Tamas spotted it and is one of the best kept. Most of the taxis are well varnished and kept bright, but a lot show their age. This one doesn't.

If they are still building these new, I would like to know where.

Tamás said...

I think motoscafo taxi building is still a thriving business. in Murano is one of the makers.