Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wet December

Yes folks, it has been wet here in Southern California.
There's a pile of wet clothes in the corner, near the washing machine in my garage that serve as evidence that I know what I'm talking about.

But sometimes we need to take measurements so we can be sure that we're not just imagining things.
Luckily, while I've been slogging around with bilge pumps, sump pumps, shop-vacs and other such devices, someone else took care of the measuring - someone who knows a thing or two about rain. 
Scott Sistek is a meteorologist in Seattle. 
Yeah, they know a thing or two about rain up there, and they're worried...worried that L.A. will steal their crown as the "wettest large city on the West Coast".

Here's the story:
"L.A. could steal December rain crown from Seattle"

So the next time I put on my raincoat and charge out there to fight the rain (which will probably be soon), I'll have bragging rights.
Tim, Sean, and all of the other guys in my neighborhood who are entrusted with "keeping their boats on top of the water" will be able to say to their grandkids one day:
"Oh that's nothing sonny, I fought the great rains of December, 2010!"

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