Monday, December 20, 2010

Peeling Plaster

photo by Bryan Kemper

Here's a classic view from Venice.
My friend shot it while walking around.
he just liked the look of the building. 
He can't remember where it was.
Anybody out there know where he might have taken this photo?


Tamás said...
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Tamás said...

The location is San Polo 2543, at the corner of Rio Tera San Toma and Calle del Magazine.

(I browsed through the 28 possible sestiere and number combinations manually and got a good match in Google Maps on the fifth try.)

The plaster color is different on Google, but the peeling areas are of the same shape and window layout also matches.

Bepi Venexiano said...

Hows the weather for you Tamas?

Tamás said...

Here in Hungary we have a significant amount of snow. Previous days were very cold, several degrees below freezing and in fact I caught some cold virus, spending friday to monday in bed.

Yet, Xmas time is supposed to be all rain for us and rather dis-illusioning, if the forecasts prove correct. Nobody want that, as melting means floodwaters.

BTW, there is some big, cold storm in Califonia as seen on CNN. Is Greg and co all right?