Friday, December 17, 2010

Three Cheers for the "Three Steves"

At my Newport operation we have a unique problem:
We have three gondoliers named "Steve".
Steve Elkins - my "right hand man" these days,
Steve O - another senior gondolier who's been with us for several years and is a great singer,
and Stephen Anastasia - expert rower and all-around great guy to have on the back of a boat.

Steve Elkins has been with us the longest so he gets to go by his full name. 
The second Steve has an unusual last name beginning with an O, so he is known to most as "Steve O",
and our third Steve generally goes by "Stefano".

Problem solved.

Tonight, the "Three Steves" solved another problem for me, as they each went out in the pouring rain with passengers eager to watch the Christmas Boat Parade in Newport. 
I was proud to have them as gondoliers tonight, and I understand that their passengers had fun despite the efforts of Mother Nature.

Three cheers for the "Three Steves!"