Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sandolo Sequence

photos by Tamás Fehér

Here's a nice collection of images from Tamás of a sandolo he spotted while traversing the city.

The boat - still wrapped and sleeping.

Close-up on the tail.  Notice the red wrap on the remi.

After climbing aboard, the owner of the sandolo gets down to business.

He gets the boat moving "canoe-style".

Watch that bridge!

Rowing in-morso, he heads off to wherever he and his sandolo are going.

1 comment:

Tamás said...

Hello, I would be curious about the depth of that particular canal section?

(The last photo was made from the algae-covered step seen in the third photo and I very nearly slipped into the water, which scared me much that time.

If it is like three fathoms to the bottom, maybe I wouldn't be writing now, but if it that canal is only waist-deep, then the whole issue is ridiculous at best...)