Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bacino Orseolo at Night - Tails

Most Gondola Blog readers who've been with me for a while, (or have looked back on earlier posts) know that Bacino Orseolo is a favorite spot of mine.
It's a great place to compare and contrast various parts of the gondola.
With so many boats stacked and packed, you've got a whole lot of variations on everything from parecio to hull shape. I also enjoy watching the different gondoliers there as they maneuver their boats in and out. And of course there are so many photos that can only be taken in that one spot.

One area of a gondola that gives it distinction or makes it unique is the tail.
As boats are lined up along the different quays of the city, you can compare a few tail sections, but in this one place, you can look down the rows, at five or six in a line.

Here, in these photos, we see differences in the "lama" - that metal casting which adorns the very tip of the stern.

Some lamas are simple, others quite ornate.
We see old ones, which may very well have decorated three or four boats before landing on their current perches.

We see new designs that may have only been seen on the water in the last decade.

There's the fold-down lama, which can be seen in a few posts here

One tail even has a lama so precious to it's gondolier, that he keeps it under wraps when not on the boat.

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