Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yet Another Use for Duct Tape

I love duct tape. It's an amazing thing.
Originally designed by the US military to keep ammunition dry this wonder of the 20th Century has more uses than a whole box of hand tools.

I've often said that "if it can be solved with duct tape, zip-ties, bungee cords or a little bit of cash - then it's not a real problem".
I almost always have a small roll in my gondola bag, preferrably black.

Duct tape was first developed during the Second World War, and while it's known by many names throughout the world, it's universally recognized as a handy and effective way to solve almost any problem to one degree or another.
Duct tape's a standard fixture in the NASA toolchest - in fact it is said to have "saved lives" on Apollo 13.
Long distance snowmobile racers tape their faces with it!
There are many automotive applications ranging from bodywork to mechanical.
Duct tape makes a great temporary bandage.

A buddy of mine has a duct tape wallet.
I've seen duct tape belts.
Heck, I recently read about some girl who made an entire prom dress out of the stuff! Must have been heavy.
And just when you think you've seen it all, you discover a new use for duct tape.
Last week I was rowing my gondola through Newport and I spotted this duct tape masterpiece.

Got a VW bug with a fender coming off? Duct tape it!
Got a life-or-death problem with your spacecraft? Duct tape it!
Wanna design your own prom dress? Duct tape it! a concrete float-dock piling that's coming apart? DUCT TAPE IT!

I thought about ending this post with the classic quote which compares duct tape to "The Force", but then I found this gem. by Dave Barry:

“Magnetism is one of the Six Fundamental Forces of the Universe, with the other five being Gravity, Duct Tape, Whining, Remote Control, and The Force That Pulls Dogs Toward The Groins Of Strangers."


XTB-XAVI said...

Just great....I think the same!! Duct tape is awesome!!

Cheers from Hong Kong!

"XTB" Xavi.

Gondola Greg said...

Amazing stuff.