Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blog Header Roundup - Winter of 2009-10

Bacino Orseolo at Night
I shot this one evening with a tripod and long exposure. Waiting for the right moment, making sure nobody was stomping by my tripod, I used a remote trigger to keep from shaking the camera for each shot. As usual, I took dozens of images hoping that at least one or two would come out half-decent. This was one of my favorites.

Returning from a Row
One afternoon at the GSVVM I was enjoying refreshment with some club members when the club's newest gondola rolled in, fresh from a row.
If ever I could just "borrow" one of the club boats for maybe a year or two, I think I'd nab that one.

This photo was originally featured in my post from September 13th of last year. More images of the boat are also there. I think you'll agree - she's a beauty.

Silhouette of the Four-Man Team
Dawn Reinard took this great photo during the Huntington Harbour Christmas Boat Parade. Her husband Tim planned and executed a fantastic row using one of his boats from Sunset Gondola. Four gondoliers pushed that gondola through the course at a "voga forte" speed - leading the parade the whole way. The parade ran Saturday and Sunday nights, and I had the honor of being one of those four on Sunday.

The whole adventure was chronicled in the following posts:
Adventures of the "Lead Boat" - the First Night
Adventures of the Lead Boat - A Very Successful Night
Adventures of the Lead Boat - Gettin' Ready
Adventures of the Lead Boat - Big Band and the Strap-Cam
Adventures of the Lead Boat - the Row

Smiling Gondolier
Standing on a bridge in San Marco known as the Ponte de la Cortesia, I shot this while watching the afternoon gondola traffic. I ran this as a header photo for about two hours and decided to pull it down after people kept asking me if the guy in the red stripes was me.
Not all readers of the Gondola Blog know what I look like, and while I like the photo, it was just confusing things.

Ingo in the Snow
Bavarian gondolier Ingo Stahl sent me this masterpiece of a photo and I knew it had to live at the top of my blog for a while in January and February.
Ingo runs his gondola service on a lake in southern Germany known as Wörthsee.
To view more posts on Ingo, check out:

Ingo the Traveling German Gondolier
Ingo Writes from Wörthsee

Remo in Action
Phil Arroyo shot this during a training session in preparation for the Huntington Harbour Christmas Boat Parade.

The blog post Parade Rehearsal follows the events of that evening.


Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

> If ever I could just "borrow" one of the club boats for maybe a year or two, I think I'd nab that one.

An orange gondola for Orange County, why not?

Maybe not just for fun, but commercial service as well, based on this connection (with a gondolier wearing the mask of Zorro).

Anonymous said...

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Bepi said...

The translation of the cyrilic is "come to us". I guess a request to visit the URL. More bot ads.

INGO said...

I feel very honered wintergondola covered your gondolablog.
Two days ago there were realy springtime with first flowers coming out. But today winter is back with a lot of snow while the gondola dreams in a barn.

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