Sunday, March 7, 2010

What the HECK Happened Here?!

OK folks, we're gonna have some fun with this one.
Take a look at the photo,
come up with your best, most astute, clever, or funny answer,
And post it in the comments.

In the coming week, after I've received some good comments, I'll post the answer.

But for now, you tell me what the HECK happened here:


Sean Jamieson said...

You're setting up for "my kids are lost in our balloon gondola" publicity stunt.

Bepi Venexiano said...

Balloon was slowly inflated and used to roll gondola on its side.

INGO said...

It`s one of the lost sojus-module
landed years ago bei GSVVM. The 24 jet propulsons are colored yellow and red for camoulflage; now used what Bepi said.

Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

This colorful one is strange. I once saw something like this, when fireman attanded to a rolled truck. That balloon or cushion was fed from the tailpipe of the fire tender.

The color of the bag was something dull, like grey or khaki and it did not resemble a "UFO disco ball" at all.

> You're setting up for "my kids are lost in our balloon gondola" publicity stunt.

Well, balloons are supposed to have gondolas anyhow...

I remember an engraving about a victorian era polar expedition, where the explorers actually hanged a steam launch under their giant hydrogen balloon, so they could stay afloat in case of an emergency landing.

joe gibbons said...

I think its a modular housing unit ,built especially for gondoliers while doing that never ending maintainance.It even has plumbing and wiring ,check out the pipes and wires on the ground. Solar Heated!!!

staff said...

the "day after" the Festa del Redentore (Venice - Italy)

staff said...

Sorry forgot to sign the previous comment: Nereo Zane