Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is Here

Most days I spend the first half of the day watching the weather, to determine what conditions I'll find myself rowing in during the second half of the day.
Today the winds were up, leading me to believe that I'd be fighting a decent gale from the west, but by the time I got to the docks, a calm had settled in and my evening on the gondola was as perfect as a dream sequence.

As spring arrives and the weather improves all around the Northern Hemisphere, I'm reminded of all my friends in the gondola business who are preparing for the annual launch.
My hat is off to you all:
In places like Minnesota, New England, Nebraska, Northern Europe and the UK, just to name a few.

Somewhere, right now perhaps, someone is brushing on another coat of beautiful black paint. Someone is prepping to apply bottom-paint. Another gondolier is likely pulling out floorboards and other parecio pieces from storage to prepare for the big day.

And as they wait patiently for the paint to dry,
They glow with anticipation for the moment when the hull of a beautiful gondola will once again float - on waters that were blocked-in with ice not long ago.
They look forward to the golden moment when they can once again stand on the back and row - like they've wanted to do all winter long.

Launch day is coming, my friends.
I wish you a great launch, followed by an even greater season - full of cruises that feel like a dream sequence.

In alto i remi!
-Gondola Greg

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