Monday, March 15, 2010

Tight Quarters - Mooring

Walking through Venice, you cross dozens of canals; most are a bit wider than this one.
But tight quarters are the norm in Venezia.
This guy decided to tie up right there in a narrow canal with a steady flow of gondolas coming through (one at a time, of course).
Notice the top of the Campanile in the distance.

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Tamás said...

Isn't he (and the motorboat) mooring on the wrong side? OK, there is no palina elsewhere, but this forces the on-coming gondolier's forcola almost into the wall, so his rowing job becomes harder.

Something else to observe: the long line of large round windows. I think those are recent additions?

In the old centuries it must have been hard to live in such narrow rios, having little natural light without those extra windows and without the benefit of electric lighting.