Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Video Sniping in Las Vegas

My family and I are in Las Vegas for a few days this week, and as you might expect - I can't help but visit a certain casino while I'm out here and shoot photos and video. I'm pretty much spent at this point so I won't waste a lot of time and attention on writing, but I did want to post up a few of the video clips we shot this evening. In future posts I'm sure I'll cover some of the unusual things about the operations in Southern Nevada's largest gondola operation, but for now...

Here's the video, I'm going to bed.

video by Isabella Mohr


Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

There is something I wanted to ask for a while. A collegue of mine claims to have been in the Vegas Venetian some years ago for an IT conference.

He says the lights there go out five times every hour, to let them simulate "romantic" nightime gondola rides under roof and without the need for any wait. Is that true? Thanks in advance!

Gondola Greg said...

We were there for over an hour and the lights didn't dim.
I seem to remember being there once when they had brought the lighting down a bit - that was years ago though.
It's not overly bright in there at night. Next time I'm there in the daytime, I'll see if the lighting is stronger.

Nereo Zane said...

Aloha, congrats to Isabella for the video. She's a very good video operator indeed: steady hand and without the zoom misusage.
Keep up the good work Bella!!