Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunset Gondola Hosts Another

I suppose that should read:
"Sunset Gondola hosts another excuse for gondoliers to get together, drink wine, tell lies, and laugh a lot (and really loud)".
Pictured from left to right: Ian McCabe, Eric Sjoberg (toasting), Heather Aldridge, Peter Dever, Greg Garite, Andrew McHardy, Greg Mohr (kneeling), Dan Devine, Rachel Grizzel, Tim Reinard, Charles Green, Erin Grissom (kneeling),"Rotto Sorriso", Dawn Reinard (kneeling), Kelly Armstrong.

Last night a bunch of us got together once again at Sunset Gondola. This was the 5th one of these shindigs hosted by Sunset.
I must give Tim a great big "thank you" for putting these things together - they are so fun. The formula isn't rocket-science, you just get friends together, add a little food and wine, then throw them all on boats for a row to a local haunt.

Having guys like Sjoberg and Andrew there certainly helps keep things fun and interesting. But I think the secret is that everyone likes each other. They look forward to the company; to the rare chance to just "hang with their own" as gondoliers and gondola people. Everyone must also like Tim, cause he's the one who calls them up and invites them.
As usual, I met some new friends and enjoyed visiting with established ones too. I had a great time catching up with Erin after her long odyssey in Europe. Greg Garite, Heather and I chatted for a while about Las Vegas gondolas. Pete and Andrew pulled me into a conversation about the various "boat families" in the Venetian lagoon, and Eric Sjoberg was the boisterously funny guy that he usually is. There were other exchanges between the folks there that I missed, but they all enjoyed themselves. I wish I could have spent more time talking with everyone.
Usually I spend a fair amount of time creeping around with cameras and trying to capture moments. This time I decided to just settle in and enjoy the company of friends and I'm glad I did. I wasn't able to join in the procession this time, and it sounds like I really missed out. The light on the water, with current conditions made for a sublime and surreal experience to and from Captain Jack's. I've been told that Andrew McHardy sang one of the "best versions of 'Po-pay' ever heard".
All in all, Tim Reinard described the event as "one of the best ones yet".


Throwing Plastic said...
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DG Beat said...

I'm sorry I missed you! I arrived later and was able to row back with everyone.

p.s. Sorry about the deleted comment, I was logged into another blog I'm using for a school project.