Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Orseolo - Blues Seats

Among the many gondolas rafted-up in Bacino Orseolo, I saw one boat with blue seats.
You'd think that dark blue would blend in more, but with such black uniformity, the blue stood out.
The gondola also had unique floorboards and the decorative rope and pom-poms which trail behind the cavalli matched the blue upholstery.
It seemed like a pretty safe bet that this one was privately owned.

Taking a closer look, I noticed some nice carved fodra boards (removable panels just below the rail inside) and an impressive scimier which sat atop the seat back.

It's nice to see a gondola that is clearly prized by her owner.
And there are a number of them in Bacino Orseolo.


Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

I think these photos show two different gondolas with blue seats?

Nereo said...


Gondola Greg said...

That's right guys,
remember me this way. :o)

Gondola Greg said...

The truth is that my family and I are in Washington DC right now and we're working of a very small laptop computer.
The photos of the TWO blue-seat gondolas were taken during different passes through the bacino. Looking at them on this small screen, I noticed different boats in the periphery and saw that a few pieces were missing in one of the two images - but I attributed it to the passing of time. I figured a single gondolier had been dressing his boat between the photos.
But in my haste, as I am on vacation, I missed a few details between the boats. They both have carved fodre, but one has black boards, the other has detail paint. They both have scimiers, but the details are different in each.
I considered cooking up some malarky about how it WAS a single gondola, but the gondolier had simply changed out his parecio, but that's not me.
I was wrong, you guys called me on it.
I thank you, and I hope you all got a good laugh in the process.
I've got to get a bigger laptop.

Sean Jamieson said...

No more vacation.

Bepi said...

Oh! How the mighty have fallen!