Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scenes from Santa Lucia

For many who visit Venice, the first and last part of your time there is spent at the train station. It's not bad as train stations go - nothing like the full-canopied ones you see in spy movies, but it does the trick.

Here are a handful of shots I took at the end of my last visit.

Some of Europe's trains are more jet-like than the choo-choos that first brought passengers to Venice.

Here's one of the more utilitarian workhorses of the region.
As you can see, it's been tagged by somoene who obviously thought it should have "plus cash" emblazoned on the front.

One of my daughters re-enacting something from one of her books.

The guys who keep things in order at the station.

The end of the line.

The "pilot" of our train in his "cockpit", getting ready for takeoff.


Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

I wonder if any locomotive ever ran over the end stops at St. Lucia and accidentally rolled into the Canal Grande?

Gondola Greg said...

Funny, as I was writing that post I had the same thought.

Nereo said...

Yes, it happened in the past, more or less fifty years ago.
The locomotive stopped its run only few meters before the Grand Canal.

Gondola Greg said...

Someone has GOT to have a photo of that! I sure would like to see it.