Friday, January 22, 2010

Tirza and Hans Rowing with Friends

For those of you huddled-up for winter, here are a pair of photos I got from Tirza and Hans in Amsterdam. They were taken in a warmer season last year during a row in Venice with friends from a rowing club based on the mainland.

Jealous yet?

I am, I'm freezing my tail off in D.C. and watching news stories about wicked storms back in my Southern California hometown.

I guess I should ask my So Cal friends - is it really that bad right now?


Bepi said...

Is that a batello?

Gondola Greg said...

I am currently working with a miniscule laptop with a tiny screen. I've learned my lesson about that, and will wait til I'm back in front of a big monitor to make any identifications.
Anyone else want to throw out an opinion about the boat?

Nereo said...

I took some shots of that boat in 2008. Check your mbox Greg ;-)

Gondola Greg said...

I'll be home tomorrow. I look forward to seeing them.
But for now, must sleep - got an early flight in the morning.